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Dave Reichert Caught Denying Human Causes of Climate Change

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Dave Reichert Caught Denying Human Causes of Climate Change

Reichert: “The Guy Upstairs” is Responsible for Climate Change

At a recent campaign event, former U.S. Congressman and Republican candidate for governor Dave Reichert told a crowd of his supporters that “current state policies cannot counter the effects of climate change because only ‘the guy upstairs’ is responsible for controlling the weather,” according to a new report from the Washington State Standard.

Reichert went on to criticize policies aimed at curbing climate change, claiming those efforts have “become a religion” that have “trumped the human beings that live here.” When asked about his comments, Reichert tried to walk them back, claiming “of course climate change is real.”

This isn’t the first time Reichert has been caught telling his supporters something extreme behind closed doors while saying the opposite publicly. Last month, a new report from The Seattle Times revealed that Reichert told a group of his supporters that marriage is “between a man and a woman.”

This all comes as Reichert has been increasingly running to the far right after being snubbed by the Washington State GOP at the party’s convention when delegates chose to endorse die hard Trump loyalist and disgraced former school board member Semi Bird over Reichert. To save himself from further humiliation, Reichert bowed out after it became clear he would lose.

“Dave Reichert says one thing in public, but has once again been caught sharing his harmful and right-wing vision to drag Washington backwards behind closed doors,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “The more Washington voters learn about the real Dave Reichert, it is increasingly clear he’s too extreme and can’t be trusted.”