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Darren Bailey Goes From Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Extremism to Rolling Back His Previous Stances — Which One Is It?

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Illinois GOP nominee for governor Darren Bailey is desperately trying to get voters to forget that he groveled for an endorsement from Donald Trump for months.

At last night’s debate, when asked about endorsing a candidate for president in 2024, Bailey dodged saying whether or not he would support Trump.

This completely contradicts his Trump loyalist primary campaign, where he unapologetically embraced the MAGA platform and said Illinois would “roll the red carpet out” for Trump in 2024.

“Darren Bailey is trying to mislead voters and hide that he’s been completely loyal to Trump and the far-right all along,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Illinois voters deserve a leader with a track record they can trust, not someone who changes positions to whatever gets them further ahead.”