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Darren Bailey Breaks Silence To Stand With Trump and Insurrectionists

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After a group of lawmakers aligned with Republican gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey moved to censure GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger for his actions on the House January 6th Committee, Bailey yesterday broke his silence, saying: “I don’t agree with anything that Adam Kinzinger stands for.”

This isn’t the first time Bailey has attacked Rep. Kinzinger in a desperate attempt to align himself with the most extreme members of his party — and to please former President Trump. Last January, after Kinzinger pushed for Trump’s impeachment, Bailey encouraged the Illinois Republican Party to “call on Congressman Kinzinger to stand down, or outright condemn his latest personal and political attack on President Trump and the tens of millions of Americans who support the President.”

Why is Darren Bailey so quick to throw a fellow Republican under the bus? Because when it comes to January 6th, Darren Bailey has lots to hide.

Here’s a refresher: in the aftermath of the 2020 election, Bailey perpetuated uber-MAGA voter fraud conspiracy theories. He happily accepted millions from billionaire Dick Uihlein, the same man who threw millions at the ultra-conservative ‘Patriots’ group that helped organize the rally leading to the violent insurrection. An activist deeply involved in Bailey’s own campaign was even charged for storming the Capitol as part of the insurrection.

“With his comments this week, Darren Bailey chose to side with his far-right, extremist Republican colleagues over the truth of what happened on January 6th,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “He’s choosing himself over his country — and voters won’t forget.”