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Daniel Cameron’s Latest Stunt to Avoid Accountability for Pardon Scandal Fails

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Daniel Cameron’s Latest Stunt to Avoid Accountability for Pardon Scandal Fails

“A desperate attempt to silence those trying to hold [Daniel Cameron] accountable for his record as Attorney General.”

According to a new report from the Louisville Courier Journal, Daniel Cameron’s campaign sent a desperate letter filled with absurd and inaccurate claims to TV stations trying and failing to get TV ads from DGA-backed group Defending Bluegrass Values taken down. But given that the ads were accurate, they are still airing across Kentucky.

The ad exposed Cameron for hiring Bevin cronies who pushed for the pardons of violent criminals, including murderers and a child rapist, as attorneys and senior advisers in his office.

Similar to his refusal to answer questions about covering for Bevin’s dangerous pardons, the Courier Journal also notes that Cameron refused to discuss this latest desperate stunt, reporting: “Cameron’s campaign manager Gus Herbert and Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Sean Southard did not respond to multiple inquiries about the newest Defending Bluegrass Values ad and Cameron’s demand for stations to pull it from the air.”

“It looks like the first big move from the babysitter Mitch McConnell sent down to watch Daniel Cameron’s campaign was a major flop,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “Daniel Cameron should explain to Kentuckians why he hired the same Matt Bevin attorneys who helped push for dangerous pardons for rapists and murderers to senior roles in his own office.”

Earlier this summer, the DGA launched to hold Daniel Cameron accountable for failing to investigate the pardon scandal after saying his office would “look at” it and for surrounding himself with Bevin’s closest cronies. The website also tracks the amount of days that has passed since Cameron promised he would investigate. As of today, it has been 1,283 days – over three and a half years. In addition to the ad Cameron tried to get off the air, Defending Bluegrass Values has launched other TV and digital ads to hold Cameron accountable for his role in the pardon scandal and for failing to investigate, including “Outrage,” “Tick,” “Blind Eye,” and “Why.”