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Daniel Cameron’s Empty Apology Tour on Education Continues

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Daniel Cameron’s Empty Apology Tour on Education Continues

Today, Daniel Cameron announced a new education “plan” in his latest attempt to completely rewrite his record of supporting harmful policies that would strip funding from public schools and backing Matt Bevin’s unconstitutional attempt to dismantle pensions that were promised to teachers.

This is the latest sign Cameron knows his attacks on public education are a big issue after he recently tried to offer a fake apology to Kentucky teachers – and it’s no wonder why.

The reality is Cameron supports an unconstitutional voucher scheme that takes millions of taxpayer dollars meant for struggling public schools to benefit unaccountable private schools. He also stated he would have stood by Matt Bevin’s unconstitutional “Sewer Bill” that dismantled retirements for public school teachers and even picked state Senator Robby Mills as his running mate, who was one of the architects behind the attack on teacher pensions in the state legislature, going as far as calling a special session on the matter.

“This is just Daniel Cameron’s latest ploy to try to hide his record of supporting an unconstitutional voucher system that would strip funds from public schools and backing efforts to dismantle retirements for hard-working Kentucky educators,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Unfortunately for Cameron, there’s no amount of stops on this empty apology tour that will trick Kentucky teachers and parents into believing he’d do anything but completely dismantle public education.”