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Daniel Cameron Plays Politics With Much-Needed Pay Raises for Kentucky Teachers

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Daniel Cameron Plays Politics With Much-Needed Pay Raises for Kentucky Teachers

Instead of supporting Gov. Andy Beshear’s proposed and much-needed 11% pay raises for educators and support staff and encouraging his allies in the legislature to support it, Daniel Cameron dismissively told a crowd at a recent event that there was “no chance” it would pass.

This is Cameron’s latest attack on the livelihoods of Kentucky educators. Cameron previously claimed he would have backed Matt Bevin’s plan to dismantle hard-earned pensions for public school teachers. He also supports an unconstitutional voucher program that would take money from public schools to fund unaccountable private schools.

Cameron’s opposition to the much-needed raises for Kentucky teachers comes after weeks of desperate attempts to rewrite his track record on public education, offering empty apologies to educators after years of damage he and the Kentucky GOP have caused the state’s education system. Unsurprisingly, Cameron’s empty apologies have fallen flat with Kentucky teachers, who were reportedly “unimpressed by Cameron’s overture,” claiming that the “apple [Cameron’s] offering is rotten to the core.”

Last week, DGA-backed group Defending Bluegrass Values released a new adfeaturing a public school parent slamming Daniel Cameron for his anti-public school agenda.

“Between attacking public schools, coming after teachers’ pensions, and now holding raises for hard-working educators hostage, Kentucky teachers can’t afford Daniel Cameron and his anti-public school agenda in the governor’s office,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien.