Dangerous Dozen Set for Packed Kentucky GOP Primary

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The packed Kentucky GOP primary field is finally set after today’s filing deadline, escalating the spending wars and infighting in an already messy race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

The GOP’s dangerous dozen will be throwing punches soon, and the race is still wide open to whoever takes the most divisive and extreme positions.

As Kentucky Republicans fight with each other, Gov. Andy Beshear is laser-focused on putting politics aside to deliver for working families in the commonwealth.

“The crowded field of GOP candidates is officially set for a chaotic battle over who is most extreme. Instead of real solutions, these dangerous dozen candidates will spend the next five months dead set on dividing Kentuckians and scoring political points for themselves,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Meanwhile, Gov. Andy Beshear continues to prove why he’s incredibly popular across party lines by rising above the partisan bickering and delivering solutions to the real issues facing Kentuckians.”