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Dangerous Doug Mastriano Is So Extreme Even The RGA is Afraid to Announce Support For Him

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Pennsylvania GOP nominee Doug Mastriano’s record is so far out of the mainstream — from busing people to the January 6th insurrection and personally crossing police lines at the U.S. Capitol to pushing dangerous conspiracy theories — that even the Republican Governors Association and other top Republicans are refusing to clearly announce their support for him.

Specifically, the RGA’s statement on Mastriano when he officially secured the nomination last night said so little about Mastriano that it just raised even more questions about how fringe he is, with one reporter saying “the Republican Governors Association puts out a statement that sounds like … something less than a full-throated commitment to back Mastriano.”

And earlier this week, on CNN’s State of the Union with Dana Bash, RGA co-chair Pete Ricketts dodged hard when asked if the RGA would support Mastriano if he became the nominee, prompting Bash to respond: “That’s not a ringing endorsement.” 

Other top Republicans like former Trump advisor David Urban said Mastriano is “is too hot, too conservative, too far out, too far right for the Pennsylvania general electorate.” 

“Dangerous Doug Mastriano’s far-right platform is so far off the rails that his own party of extremists is publicly snubbing him right after his nomination,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Mastriano is an extremist running to undermine our democracy, ban abortion with no exceptions, and screw over workers — and the RGA’s big dodge just confirms they also know he’s too extreme for Pennsylvania.”