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Dan Forest Palling Around With Leader Of Yet Another Extremist Group

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From his campaign account last week, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest tweeted out a picture of himself with the leader of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk. Forest is associating himself with an extreme group that continues to have members espousing white supremacist ideas.
In a now infamous video, a Nevada campus leader for Turning Point USA was caught saying “white power” before a young woman beside him yelled racial slurs. The national field director for the organization even sent a text message to another Turning Point USA employee saying, “I hate black people. Like f—- them all…I hate blacks. End of story.”
But for Dan Forest, this is just another in a long line of associations with extremists. In May, Forest joined a speaker lineup at an anti-abortion rally with speakers who have demonstrated a troubling habit of spewing hate speech.
Forest’s extreme friends inform how he would govern North Carolina. Forest’s poor judgment cost the state before when he cheered the job-killing and discriminatory HB2, which caused North Carolina to lose $3.76 billion in economic activity.
“Dan Forest’s kitchen cabinet continues to include social extremists who put their views ahead of North Carolina,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “These troubling associations show Forest still hasn’t left behind his role as chief architect of HB2, which damaged North Carolina’s reputation, cost the state thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars in economic activity. North Carolinians don’t want to go back.”