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Dan Forest Criticizes Scientists, Health Officials, And Media In Desperate Attempt To Make Headlines During Public Health Emergency

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“’He’s Just Looking for an Attack to Get Some Attention, and I Guess He Thinks Casually Smearing the Scientists We’re Working with is a Good One.”

Last month, Dan Forest was pilloried for questioning Gov. Cooper’s decision to take swift action against COVID-19. After the Charlotte Observer told him “Hush” and public opinion turned against him he hastily back-tracked. It looks like he hasn’t learned anything from that experience. 
Now, Forest is claiming that some of the data released by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human services is “faulty”. When asked what data he was referring to, his campaign refused to “give a direct answer.” He also claimed that the media was misleading the public as to the severity of the crisis in order to sell more advertising. He must have missed that the majority of advertisers have canceled or paused campaigns leading to a decrease in revenue for media companies. 
Thankfully, North Carolina has Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper who worked with both parties to take protect North Carolina from the threat of COVID-19. In the midst of this crisis, he has gone to great lengths to provide necessary resources from increasing access to child care and elder care to petitioning the federal government to make food and health care programs more accessible to North Carolinians.
“It’s sad that the best way Dan Forest can think to spend his time is blaming public health officials and the media for this pandemic,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “As Governor Roy Cooper continues to work with experts to keep North Carolinians safe, it’s unfortunate that Dan Forest is committed to undermining the severity of this pandemic and finding someone to blame.”