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Dan Forest Begs Someone, Anyone To Aid His Flailing Campaign

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“We Better Have People Come Down to Our Aid”

After nearly a decade of running for governor, Dan Forest still can’t figure out how to raise more money than he spends. His astronomical burn rate prompted him to plead “we better have people come down to our aid.” He’s certainly going to need it.
Let’s run the numbers: In Q1, Dan Forest had a burn rate of 144%, raising a pathetic $400,000 and spending $580,000. Ah, fiscal responsibility! And in the second half of 2019, Forest raised only $1.4 million yet managed to spend $1.5 million, a burn rate of 107% during the off-year!
Meanwhile, Gov. Roy Cooper has $9.6 million in cash on hand and is outraising Forest’s campaign 16:1. In 2019 he broke fundraising records for any North Carolina governor in an off-year when he raised $8.5 million. 
“Dan Forest pleading for a financial lifeline from out-of-state donors is the cherry on top of a floundering fundraising operation,” said DGA National Press Secretary, Jerusalem Demsas. “If voters can’t trust him to run his campaign in a responsible way why should they trust him to run the state?”