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Daily Beast: While GOP Pushes Dangerous Agenda, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Fight to End Gun Violence

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A new report from the Daily Beast highlights how Democratic gubernatorial candidates Beto O’Rourke in Texas, Nan Whaley in Ohio, Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania, and Stacey Abrams in Georgia, among others, are fighting to stop gun violence while Republican governors and candidates are all-in on dangerous policies that make communities less safe.

“Governors are in a unique position on gun control compared to politicians running for Congress or local election,” the Daily Beast wrote. “As state executives, they hold the power of the pen and have the final say in their states on policy to expand or shrink gun access.”

See more key excerpts below and the full report here

  • “Not only did he not take action to save the lives of our kids, he took action to make it more certain we will lose the lives of our kids,” O’Rourke told the crowded town hall.
  • In Pennsylvania, Democratic gubernatorial nominee and state Attorney General Josh Shapiro wasn’t shying away from conversations on gun control prior to Uvalde. It’s been a part of his job before—working on a crackdown of ghost guns in particular, to the extent that gun-rights groups have even campaigned for his impeachment.
  • As mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Nan Whaley saw firsthand how a mass shooting can rock a community when nine people were shot and killed outside of a bar in 2019.
  • The next day, she sat on stage near Republican Gov. Mike DeWine as he spoke to grieving citizens and watched as his words were eventually drowned out by the crowd chanting “Do something!”
  • Last week, now as DeWine’s Democratic challenger, Whaley slammed DeWine for not doing enough and failing to make good on his pledge.
  • In Georgia, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacy Abrams this week launched her first general election ad, which took Republicans to task on guns, including over a bill passed in the legislature this year that allows permitless concealed carry. Abrams’ general election opponent, incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R), signed that bill into law last year.