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Daily Beast: RGA Forced to Spend “Unprecedented Cash” to Bail Out GOP Governors In Chaotic Primaries

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New reporting from the Daily Beast is highlighting how the RGA has been forced to spend millions of dollars to bail out its incumbent governors from Republican primary challengers, writing: In the 2022 election cycle so far, the RGA has spent over $9 million in support of incumbents in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Idaho, and Oklahoma. The group has never had to spend this much to defend sitting governors from primary challengers—or anything close to it.” 

Even Chris Christie admitted that’s money, time and resources that the RGA wishes it didn’t have to spend, saying:, “this is just not the best use of our money.”

As RGA Chair Doug Ducey’s ongoing feud with Donald Trump has made it impossible for the RGA to avoid primaries, the Daily Beast added that: “Almost all of those challenges have come from the MAGA wing of the party, either from candidates with Trump’s endorsement or the support of key figures in his movement.”

Even if the RGA’s sitting governors survive their primaries, “the constant threat of MAGA mutinies is a drag on their party—and is poised to be one for the foreseeable future.”

For Republican governors, the fire has been coming from inside the house, and the RGA is being forced to throw massive amounts of cash just to put it out,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said, “While Democratic governors are running on making life better for families, Republican governors have been running in nasty and expensive primaries. The consequences of those intraparty Republican battles — including more extreme positions, a divided GOP base and fewer resources — will last far beyond the primaries all the way up to Election Day.”