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CT-GOV Candidate Tim Herbst: “I would love to put my cigar out in Mark Lauretti’s eye”

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As Convention Approaches, GOP Primary Gets Nasty 

In case you missed it, the Connecticut Republican primary took a nasty turn yesterday when a local political blogpublished a threatening text message allegedly sent by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Herbst. Herbst wrote, “I’d like to put my cigar out in Mark Lauretti’s eye.”
From the Hartford Courant report:

Mark Lauretti admonished Tim Herbst Tuesday over a text message allegedly sent by his GOP rival in the governor’s race stating, “I would love to put my cigar out in Mark Lauretti’s eye.”

Lauretti was quick to remind everyone that Herbst has a history of making violent threats. In 2016, capitol police had to intervene when Herbst sent a threatening video to a Democratic lawmaker:

Lauretti said the text attributed to Herbst is part of a pattern of volatile behavior by the gubernatorial hopeful.
He cited a 2016 incident in which Capitol Police ordered Herbst to cease contact with then-state Rep. David Alexander after Herbst sent the Enfield Democrat a movie clip text of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character brandishing a gun and saying “Go Ahead, Make My Day” in “Sudden Impact.”

As the candidates head toward a brutal delegate fight, expect the race to get even nastier.
“Tim Herbst’s latest Trumpian outburst is a preview of what voters can expect from Connecticut Republicans heading into their convention,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Republicans are doubling down on their far-right agenda and imitating President Trump as they jockey for delegate support. If Herbst’s threat is any indication, the fireworks in this primary have just begun.”