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CT-Gov Candidate Says RGA Will Quit on Connecticut

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GOP Mayor Lauretti: ‘I’m not convinced that the RGA has any interest in a state like Connecticut.’

Connecticut GOP gubernatorial candidate and Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti is already writing off the RGA as a serious player in next year’s race. As some of his opponents flew South for this year’s RGA conference in Austin, Lauretti didn’t bother, saying he doubts they will invest in the race:

“Yeah, I get invited to that stuff, but I really have no interest,” Lauretti said. “I think sometimes these guys go to these things because they think it’s going to raise their profile. Good luck. I’m not convinced that the RGA has any interest in a state like Connecticut. There’s not a strong history there.”

A request for comment was left with a RGA spokesman Wednesday.

With the difficulties facing Republicans next year, the RGA isn’t exactly inspiring confidence in its candidates.

“You know things have gotten bad for the RGA when their own candidates are already giving up on them,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “After big losses in Virginia and New Jersey, it’s clear Republicans in blue states are losing confidence in the RGA’s effectiveness. With a crop of B-Team candidates and abysmal Trump approval ratings, Connecticut is looking increasingly difficult for Republicans.”

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