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CT-GOP Recruiting Nightmare Continues: Klarides Trashes Field on Tuesday, Now Not Running for Gov

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Klarides Tuesday: Unimpressed with the current GOP field


Klarides Wednesday: I’m not running for gov either


The Republican recruiting mess in Connecticut just got a whole lot worse this week.

Just one day after House GOP Leader Themis Klarides slammed the current Republican field running for governor, she refused to get into the race herself.

There was wide speculation that Klarides was attacking the field to create an opening for her to get in the race.

From the CT Post:

Themis Klarides sounded unimpressed with the current gubernatorial field Tuesday, the strongest signal yet that Connecticut’s top Republican female office holder could soon jump into the crowded race herself. 

It turns out, there were no political motivations behind her criticism. She ruled out a run for less than 24 hours later. Apparently, she just thinks they’re all bad.

It’s the latest GOP recruiting failure in the state. Several top recruits, including Senate GOP leader Len Fasano, have already decided against running for the nomination. Republicans have also questioned whether national groups like the RGA are really committed to the race at all.

“Over the last two days, Themis Klarides showed just how big of a problem Republicans have in this race,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Not only does she think she can’t win, she thinks every Republican running can’t win. Now that she’s officially out, the field remains a bunch of Trump wannabes and B-teamers.”