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CRINGE-WORTHY VIDEO: Ed Gillespie Sweating Trump’s Presence in Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign

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Today, a visibly anxious Ed Gillespie botched an interview with WVEC, awkwardly dodging questions about his willingness to campaign with President Trump. Plainly uncomfortable with the talk heating up about Trump coming to Virginia to campaign for him, Gillespie also dodged questions on other topics including his campaign’s nasty and misleading advertisements that echo Trump’s campaign. 

“If today’s interview is any indication, the struggle of campaigning with Donald Trump as his party’s leader may be getting to Ed Gillespie,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Ed Gillespie may awkwardly try to dodge questions about his campaign’s Trumpian tactics, but Virginia voters know that Gillespie will always put his party before the people of the Commonwealth.”