Cowardly Ducey Refuses to Be Held Accountable for Leadership Failures

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Despite Teacher Pay Crisis and Failing Education System, Ducey says “I Can’t Be Held Accountable”

Ask constituents to place their trust in you, create crisis after crisis as governor, and then refuse to be held accountable for any of it. Apparently that’s the Doug Ducey “How to be a Governor” playbook.
Discussing education in an interview with the Arizona Capitol Times, Ducey refused to take responsibility, saying “I can’t be accountable for what’s happened the last 30 years.” Ducey might’ve erased it from his own memory but Arizonans remember the funding cuts to education, the teacher pay crisis, and the thousands of untrained teachers in classrooms.
It’s no surprise Ducey wouldn’t want to accept responsibility for his education failures, or any of his other disastrous policies he’s brought to Arizona.
But now that nearly two-thirds of Arizonans want to see a new leader, Ducey has changed his tune on accountability, no longer saying “I think every citizen has the right to hold elected leaders accountable.”
“It is the peak of cowardice to ask for people’s vote and then turn around and refuse to be held accountable for your failures,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Ducey would have us believe that he doesn’t deserve blame for Arizona’s failing education system or trying to cut healthcare for half a million Arizonans. Arizonans know what ‘leadership’ means and they know Ducey doesn’t have it. No amount of hiding or obfuscating of his record will keep him from being held accountable in November.”