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COVID Kickbacks: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu Uses Pandemic To Benefit His Political Allies

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Sununu Approved “Retroactive Deals Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Political Benefactors”

A new investigation from NHPR details how GOP New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu “has authorized several no-bid, retroactive deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to political benefactors, without the traditional outside approval.” Sununu has avoided efforts to clarify how he is spending COVID-19 relief funds, a move which seems deeply partisan in light of these revelations.
Sununu said, “I’m not sure how any of this is political at all.”
We’ll spell it out for him: Sununu awarded the Capital Hotel Company, owned by his friend Steve Duprey (former NH Republican Party Chairman and longtime GOP donor), a $453,599 contract. Sununu also awarded two contracts to Convenient MD totalling nearly $1.5 million after their cofounder hosted a political fundraiser for the governor.
“Chris Sununu has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to his political allies with no oversight as Granite Staters struggle to make ends meet,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Sununu’s priority should be the thousands of people waiting for their unemployment checks, not rewarding his political benefactors with taxpayer money.”