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Corruption Is the Driving Force Behind The McMaster Mutiny

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McMaster’s Ties to Statehouse Corruption Cost Him Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant and Catherine Templeton Endorsements

If anyone thought Gov. Henry McMaster had an easy path to winning this runoff, they were sorely mistaken.
Today, two of his former opponents, Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant and Catherine Templeton, announced their endorsement of McMaster’s opponent John Warren.
See if you can spot a common theme in behind their decision to ditch McMaster:
“We all agree that Governor McMaster is not the right person to lead our state. We’ve got a lot of problems. We’ve lost $4 billion with Santee Cooper.” – John Warren
“We have to make sure that the corruption in Columbia that is costing us money stops.” – Catherine Templeton
“We need an outsider with business experience who can’t be bought.” – Kevin Bryant
Corruption. McMaster’s close connections to the statehouse corruption probe and nuclear scandal continue to dog his campaign, and it’s clear that Warren and his supporters aren’t going to hold back. And even if he manages to make it out of the runoff, his problems will still be there.
“Even Republicans are fed up with Governor McMaster’s record of corruption and it’s going to make this runoff a lot more painful for him,” said DGA spokesman Alex Japko. “When your own lieutenant governor accuses you of being owned by special interests in Columbia, you know you’re in trouble. This runoff is far from over and McMaster only has himself to blame. His close connections to special interests and corrupt insiders will follow him as long as he remains in public life.”