Corrupt Billionaire Kelly Craft Brings More Chaos to Packed Kentucky GOP Primary

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The Kentucky GOP primary continues to get messier as out-of-touch Oklahoma billionaire Kelly Craft is squeezing her way into the crowded field of extremists.

DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Out-of-touch Oklahoma billionaire Kelly Craft is just the latest extreme candidate from the Matt Bevin wing of the Kentucky GOP to join their crowded and messy primary. Craft is best known for being Bevin’s biggest supporter as he attacked Kentuckians — and when she bought a taxpayer-funded office for herself, she was under fire for missing hundreds of days of work and a pay-to-play scheme.

“While Gov. Andy Beshear is focused on bringing Kentuckians together and delivering bipartisan results in the face of immense challenges, the GOP primary has devolved into a messy race to the extremes, and Craft will quickly learn Kentucky isn’t for sale.”