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Cordray Builds More Momentum After First Debate

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In case you missed it, a new column from the associate editor of the Toledo Blade described Richard Cordray’s strong campaign over the last few weeks. After an “excellent” debate where Cordray left Republican Mike DeWine “flustered,” Cordray is building momentum and has DeWine on his heels.
Read an excerpt from the Toledo Blade below or read the entire article HERE:
New Richard Cordray making Ohio’s governors race close
THE DEMOCRATIC nominee for governor, Richard Cordray, has upped his game in the last two weeks with a flurry of issue attacks on the Republican nominee.
Whether Mr. Cordray has created the kind of momentum that could carry him through to victory on Nov. 6 over Republican Mike DeWine isn’t indicated by polling so far.
The key event that has changed the intensity of the campaign was the debate last week at the University of Dayton.
In that debate, and since then, Mr. Cordray has moved away from the lovable nerd image he has created, mostly in social media, and has gone after Mr. DeWine with more targeted attacks.
Those are over Mr. DeWine’s record in fighting the opioid epidemic, and whether he has gone too far in supporting Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.