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Corcoran Kicks Florida’s Colleges And Universities To The Curb

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Do DeSantis And Putnam Agree with $200M in Cuts?

Florida is the third largest state in the country, but until last year, never had a university ranked in the top 10 nationally – a statistic that House Speaker Richard Corcoran has called “inexcusable.” 

Yet, when it comes to creating policies that will help recruit new faculty members, his actions says something entirely different.

Yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives – the legislative body he leads – proposed cutting “$217 million from universities with about a $45 million net reduction for colleges.”

Even Republicans denounced the proposed cuts, saying increasing university funding is one of the state’s top priorities.

Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam and Congressman Ron DeSantis have been absent from the discussion, begging the question, where do they stand on this proposal?

“Florida’s higher education system is critical to developing a strong workforce, and yet Speaker Corcoran wants to drastically reduce funding,” said DGA Communication Director Jared Leopold. “Floridians deserve to know whether the other GOP candidates Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis agree with this proposal to slash higher education funding.”