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Contrasts In Courage: Flake Denounces Sheriff Joe While Ducey Ducks

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Sen. Jeff Flake Immediately Throws Cold Water On Sheriff’s Senate Bid But Gov. Doug Ducey Refuses To Discuss It

Yesterday, Arizona saw one heckuva a contrast between two of their statewide leaders. When asked on CNN whether he would support Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senator Flake quickly dismissed his nascent campaign saying:
Senator Jeff Flake“No, no, no, no — not at all. That’s not our best forward as Republicans.”
When Governor Doug Ducey was asked a similar, standard interview question about his thoughts on Sherriff Joe, he deployed every excuse he could think of to avoid offering a position. This is despite featuring the Sheriff in a 2014 campaign television commercial and supporting President Trump’s controversial pardon. Take a look at his mealy-mouthed word salad:
Governor Doug Ducey: No, I just heard the announcement. I’m going to focus on my day job and stay out of politics. I’m not going to get involved in primaries, we’ve got not only the legislative sessions, we’ve got a budget to release. Uh, and we’ve got a lot of needs, most urgently this opioid epidemic here in Arizona, so I’m going to be focused on doing my day job every day, I’m going to leave politics until the appropriate time. These campaign seasons are entirely too long. Thanks, guys, and happy new year.
“Governor Ducey hopes he can lull Arizonans into forgetting his previous support on Sheriff Joe Arpaio,” said Jared Leopold, DGA Communications Director. “Unfortunately for him, Sheriff Joe only reinforces how far out of step the Governor is with Arizona’s families.”