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Congress Passes Middle-Class Tax Hike with Rauner’s Support

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Rauner Has Been Cheering on Congress as it Pushed Forward Bill Geared to Helping the Wealthiest

Late last night, the US Senate succeeded in passing a tax bill, which is expected to raise middle-class taxes, with Rauner’s endorsement and encouragement. Multiple analyses have found the bill to be a boon for the wealthiest while raising middle-class taxes and health care premiums. Rauner was asked multiple times this week about the legislation, and each time Rauner endorsed Congress’ efforts despite acknowledging the damage it would do to Illinois’ middle-class.  

“Bruce Rauner and President Trump got what they wanted, and Illinois’ middle-class is going to pay for it,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “All week Rauner has applauded Congress as it moved a tax bill forward that disproportionately benefits the wealthiest while costing working families. During this entire debate, Rauner showed the wrong priorities by putting himself and his party ideals ahead of Illinois workers. Illinois’ middle-class should thank Bruce Rauner and his failure to show leadership for the higher taxes and health premiums they face.”