Congress Is Back To Work…And Abraham’s Back To Skipping Work

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Rep. Abraham had a month off work in August. And now that Congress is back in session, Abraham is skipping work…again.
He missed two more votes last night and three votes today, keeping his title of most absent member of Congress this session. This year, Abraham has missed a total of 219 votes.
Abraham has a habit of making a promise and then breaking it. He broke his promise to donate his salary to help children with cancer and wounded veterans. Abraham said campaigning for governor wouldn’t get in the way of his job as a Congressman—just another broken promise.
Abraham’s ambition for a promotion has caused him to skip votes critical to Louisiana. He even missed the vote to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, which affects 500,000 Louisianans.
It’s past time for Abraham to show up for the Louisianans who placed their trust in him. But for Abraham, a string of broken promises is standard procedure.
“Ralph Abraham can’t even show up for his job and now he wants a promotion,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Louisianans are tired of politicians like Bobby Jindal and Ralph Abraham who put their ambition first and the state’s priorities last. Louisianans don’t want to go back.”