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“Committed Trump Acolyte” Andy Harris Tries to Run From Controversial COVID Record As He Considers Statewide Run

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As Sabato’s Crystal Ball and other publications report he is considering a gubernatorial run next year, Maryland Rep. Andy Harris is trying to rewrite his failed record on COVID-19, softening his tone on the pandemic. But mere months ago, Harris was encouraging vaccine hesitancy at a town hall, calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan virus,” and protesting GOP Gov. Larry Hogan’s COVID safety measures.

Harris also recently voted against the American Rescue Plan, which was supported by 70% of Americans. Maryland is set to receive nearly $6 billion in relief, plus $2 billion for K-12 schools and stimulus checks for 79% of all adults in the state.

This is no surprise, because Harris has always sided with Trump over Maryland. The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board said of Harris, “He’s become a committed acolyte in the cult of Donald Trump, excusing the president’s Twitter tirades, racist rants and blatant lies with nary an exception.”

Harris has been a committed ally to Trump’s dangerous agenda, standing by him even after Trump-inspired rioters attacked the Capitol and killed a police officer. Harris voted in favor of challenging the election results following the insurrection, and he even refused to condemn QAnon.

Should Harris decide to run for governor, Maryland Republicans should worry. More Marylanders favored Biden over Trump in the 2020 election than they favored Clinton over Trump in 2016.

“Now that he’s considering a gubernatorial run, Andy Harris is trying to distance himself from Donald Trump and his disastrous record on COVID-19 – but it won’t work,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “In addition to his controversial comments on the pandemic just this week, Harris voted down popular COVID aid, including direct $1,400 checks for struggling Marylanders to prove his allegiance to the Pro-Trump wing of the Republican Party. Siding with Trump will be a major issue for Harris and any other Republicans who may eventually decide to run for governor in Maryland.”