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“Coming Off a High”: Rauner Admin Admits Gov Exaggerated Jobs Claims after Overseas Trips

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Chicago Tribune Columnist: “… By Rauner’s Own Standards, He’s A Bigger Failure Than His Predecessor”

A new column by Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn takes Governor Bruce Rauner to task for his “failure” to grow jobs in Illinois. Zorn points out that “by Rauner’s own standards” set in the 2014 campaign, “he’s a bigger failure than his predecessor” on job creation.
“Even though, as the challenger in 2014, Rauner blasted Quinn as ‘a miserable failure on jobs’ and promised ‘I’ll get results,’ his employment results have been worse than Quinn’s, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”
Zorn also zeroed in on Rauner’s “dubious” claim of creating tens of thousands of jobs from his overseas trips. Four months ago, Rauner returned from Europe and claimed the following weeks would be filled with job announcements and new factories. Instead, “crickets.”
‘He was coming off a high’ after his travels, said [spokeswoman Patty] Schuh when I asked about the florid overpromising. ‘Everything he said will eventually be borne out.’”
“Bruce Rauner is a failed governor, and his increasingly desperate stunts to hide that fact only underscore the true extent of his failure,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Four years ago, Bruce Rauner promised voters he would ‘get results’ by growing jobs, but by his own standards he’s a miserable failure.”