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Collins and Poliquin Won’t Stand Up to Trump’s Tax Giveaway to Rich

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Possible gov candidates refuse to criticize Trump on tax plan

Two potential Maine gubernatorial candidates refused to speak out against President Trump’s new tax plan this week. Congressman Bruce Poliquin and Senator Susan Collins both would not criticize the administration’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations.
The Washington Post called Trump’s tax proposal “boon for the rich,” for eliminating the estate tax, slashing the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, and lowering income taxes for the highest earners. The Tax Policy Center forecasts that more than 50 percent of the plan’s benefits will accrue to the top one percent of taxpayers. Economists predict it will add $3 to $7 trillion to the national deficit over the next decade.
“Maine deserves a governor who will stand up to the President when his plans hurt everyday Mainers,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But Susan Collins and Bruce Poliquin are too afraid to stand up to President Trump’s disastrous tax plan. It’s time for Senator Collins and Rep. Poliquin to put the priorities of Maine families ahead of the priorities of Donald Trump.”