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Cold Up North: The RGA and Jeff Johnson Break Up

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After a Long Saga, the RGA Officially Cuts Bait on Minnesota

“Proud to support Jeff Johnson.”-The Republican Governors Association, 8/15/18
“The RGA will be here.”-Jeff Johnson, 8/15/18
It’s official. The RGA has official broken up with Jeff Johnson. Way back on primary night, the RGA and Jeff Johnson tried to declare their undying commitment to each other.
Jeff Johnson heard through the grapevine the RGA was going to cancel the $2.3 million they had reserved before Johnson won. Needless to say he was upset, and made his feelings known, calling out the Republican strategists who don’t have faith in his campaign.
The RGA had a choice to make– burn the millions they had reserved back when they thought Tim Pawlenty gave them a “top pick-up opportunity”, or acknowledge Jeff Johnson’s message was wildly out of the mainstream in Minnesota.
Week after week we got our answer as the RGA pulled back their money.
It really shouldn’t be a surprise though. Johnson was a losing candidate from the start, peddling conspiracy theories and promising to rip healthcare away from Minnesotans.
Now Jeff Johnson is alone again, but we don’t think he’ll be surviving this hit.
“Our condolences to Jeff Johnson,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner.