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CNN’s Enten: Walker ‘Could Be Gone Come November’

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On CNN this morning, Senior Writer and Analyst for CNN Politics Harry Enten acknowledged the cold truth about Scott Walker’s third reelection campaign–he is in serious trouble. As Walker limps towards a general election, Enten cites the “worst polling position” Walker has ever faced, his balancing act between Donald Trump and Harley-Davidson, and Democratic enthusiasm.
Here’s what Enten had to say:
CNN: Looking at the issue in Wisconsin when it comes to Harley-Davidson, a huge employer in Milwaukee, Scott Walker, the Republican governor there is being trounced on by Democrats who are saying he is not standing up for the workers, he is backing the President at any cost in this ongoing tariff feud. He tweeted about it yesterday and said, I want Harley-Davidson to prosper in the state of Wisconsin…so do what is best what the President has called for and that is no tariffs as soon as possible. Could this backfire?
Enten: What a balancing act they’re trying — they don’t want to alienate the Trump base while recognizing swing voters are on the side of Harley-Davidson. Scott Walker certainly has, in my opinion, the toughest re-election campaign ahead of him. He’s in the worst polling position he has been since he was elected.
CNN: Why?
Enten: I think number one, Trump is unpopular, which is a big play. Running for a third term is very, very difficult. I think it’s all just coming together for Scott Walker in a way with democratic enthusiasm that he could be gone come November
Watch Harry Enten discussing Walker’s troubles HERE or below:

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