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CNN Exposes Latest Tudor Dixon Conspiracy Theory Claiming Decades-Long Plot to “Topple” United States

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New reporting from CNN reveals that Tudor Dixon was a host of a far-right online show where she invoked and spread an unhinged conspiracy theory that there was a “decades-long plan by the Democratic Party to ‘topple’ the United States as retaliation for losing the US Civil War, adding that the party wanted to enslave people ‘again.’”

“To topple a country like the United States of America, you must be planning this for decades,” Dixon falsely claimed on the far-right streaming news network Real America’s Voice. “Why wouldn’t that come from the party that lost the Civil War?”

The CNN report also highlights how Dixon “also peddled inaccurate claims about schools and education” and abortion, noting that her campaign dodged questions when asked directly about the conspiracies.

This comes as the Detroit Metro Times reported yesterday that Dixon amplified racism and conspiracies on her tv show, writing: “Tudor Dixon defended blackface, called hijabs oppressive garments, and amplified racist remarks and conspiracy theories during her two years hosting a daily TV show on the far-right media network Real America’s Voice.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “We already knew Tudor Dixon has extreme plans to ban abortion with no exceptions and dismantle public education, but this is the latest proof she’s also a conspiracy theorist who is too dangerous for Michigan. Instead of dodging questions, she should answer for her extreme record of spreading lies and completely made-up rants that are meant to divide people.”