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Clown Car: Top Republican Fundraiser Makes Half A Million Dollar Mistake, Somehow Believes He’s Qualified to Manage Washington State Economy

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Last week, the Seattle Times reported that leading Republican gubernatorial fundraiser Joshua Freed broke the law by loaning his campaign $500,000 and then taking it back. He also seems to be confused on whether he ever meant to loan himself the money saying at one point that “I put the money in as a loan” and then saying that the half-million was “initially mischaracterized as a loan.”
Freed joins Tim Eyman in the Republican Clown Car. Eyman, best known for stealing a $70 chair from an Office Depot, has found his home in the Washington Republican Party, announcing last week that he would not be running as an Independent. Eyman is also under investigation by the Washington State Attorney General for allegedly laundering political donations, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations, and lying repeatedly to donors and the public.
The Republican Governors Association really scored a couple of winners here.
Back in the real world, Gov. Jay Inslee has helped lead Washington State to unprecedented economic success. Over the past seven years as governor, Inslee has developed several economic initiatives including a $16 billion transportation investment slated to create 200,000 jobs and Career Connect Washington which seeks to connect 100,000 Washington students with career-connect learning opportunities.
“If Republicans nominate Joshua Freed, they’ll have nominated a guy who flippantly breaks the law and isn’t even careful with half a million of his own money,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “On the other hand, if they nominate Tim Eyman, they’ll have nominated a petty thief who has been found in contempt of court and has racked up hundreds of thousands in fines for defying state courts. Either way, Washingtonians have a clear choice in Gov. Jay Inslee who has helped lead the state to unprecedented economic success.”
Under Inslee, Washington State has received several economic accolades:

  • Ranked “Best State in the Country” by the U.S. News and World Report which evaluated states based on the economic, infrastructure, educational, and health care metrics, among others.
  • Named “Top State for Business” by CNBC which considered each state’s workforce, transportation, infrastructure, education, quality of life, technology, and overall economic health.
  • Judged the “Best State for Workers” by Oxfam in a report that weighed wage policies, worker protection policies, and labor policies in order to make its determination.