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Cincinnati Enquirer Headline: “Ohio’s Republican governor candidates: I’m most like Donald Trump. No, I am.”

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In case you missed it, the Cincinnati Enquirer highlighted how the Ohio GOP primary has turned into a 4-way Trump lovefest.
Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Rep. Jim Renacci, Secretary of State Jon Husted, and Attorney General Mike DeWine are waging an all-out charm offensive on the GOP base – criticizing Republican Governor John Kasich while lavishing praise on President Trump.
From the article:

The Republican nomination for Ohio governor might come down to who loves President Donald Trump more. And who’s least like current Republican governor John Kasich. At least that’s what it looked like when the four Republican gubernatorial candidates spoke in Clermont County right after sunrise Saturday morning.

No one invoked Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s name – except to distance themselves. In particular, Taylor made a concerted effort to remind people she’s not Kasich, stating her name several times and her bona fides as an accountant.  “I am not John Kasich. View me as an individual,” Taylor said. “Judge me on the things I have done. We are different people.”

After Republican governors spent last week worrying about President Trump’s negative effect on the races in New Jersey and Virginia, it seems like Republicans in Ohio are intent on sticking with him.