Ciao, Bruce! — Rauners Threaten to Move to Italy if Bruce Loses

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33,700 People Have Left Illinois Since Rauner Last Year – Is Bruce Next to Go?

Governor Bruce Rauner and his wife must be getting frustrated dealing with an insurgent primary opponent on one side and rock-bottom approval ratings on the other. According to the DuPage Policy Journal today, Diana Rauner told a crowd the Rauners would move to Italy if her husband is voted out of office:

“Gov. Bruce Rauner says he’ll fight for Illinoisans. But only if he wins re-election. If he loses, Rauner’s wife, Diana, says she and Bruce are out of here.  ‘Bruce and I are moving to Italy,’ a source says she flippantly told a group of ‘mostly Democrat’ women from DuPage County last Thursday.”

The Rauners would fit right in – they’re already wine connoisseurs of the highest degree.
Diana Rauner’s response came from a question about Illinois’ out-migration problem. Under Bruce Rauner, the problem has only gotten worse.
Is Bruce next?
“Given his rock-bottom approval ratings, it’s not surprising that Bruce Rauner is already planning his escape,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “And frankly, Italy’s a great choice. Illinois is worse under Bruce Rauner, so it’s no wonder he’d want to escape the mess he created. This year, Illinois voters are going to be saying – Ciao, Bruce!”