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Chuck Todd: In Ohio, “The Definition Of Conservative Is Supporting Trump”

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Ohio GOP Primary Devolves Into A Trump-off

Nothing gets Republican primary voters going like a good old-fashioned Trump-off. Mary Taylor and Mike DeWine have spent the majority of the primary praising the President in every which way and form. Now, they have moved on to attacking each other for not being sufficiently pro-Trump, and it’s getting ugly.
In a new ad, DeWine goes after Taylor for being critical of the President after the Access Hollywood tapes were released, and Meet the Press Daily took notice.

“There it is. The definition of conservative is supporting Trump in Ohio. Folks, if you were wondering where the Republican Party is in a bellwether state like Ohio, there you go. That’s how that Republican primary, two big-time office holders, a lieutenant governor and an attorney general. And it’s Trump, and support for him, that is the litmus test there.

“The Ohio GOP primary hinges on one thing: who is sufficiently devoted to Donald Trump,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Make no mistake – the Republicans now own every bad policy that comes from the White House. Whether it’s stripping healthcare coverage from hundreds of thousands of Ohioans, or the inaction on the opioid crisis, Mike DeWine and Mary Taylor will have to answer for Donald Trump’s actions.”