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Chuck Morse and Kelly Ayotte Both Endorse Defunding Public Education in New Hampshire

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Chuck Morse and Kelly Ayotte Both Endorse Defunding Public Education in New Hampshire 

Ayotte: “I support the education freedom accounts” that Chuck Morse “presid[ed] over” in the State Senate

A new analysis from this week outlines Kelly Ayotte and Chuck Morse’s extreme and dangerous track records on a number of key issues, including public education.

Both Ayotte and Morse support a dangerous school voucher program that siphons taxpayer dollars away from public schools and gives them to private schools, threatening to drive up local taxes, especially for rural districts. As of 2022, New Hampshire already had the lowest per student spending in public schools of all 50 states, the state’s public school system enrollment was projected to fall, and teachers were paid nearly $5,000 less than the national average. In the article, Ayotte stated unequivocally, “I support the education freedom accounts” that are only expected to make those problems worse.

As state Senate President, Morse “presided over the creation of Education Freedom Accounts,” leading the charge for its passage. After a bill narrowlypassed in the state House expanding the dangerous voucher program, Morse tweeted, “I’m immensely proud of my work in passing the original Education Freedom Account legislation as Senate President. As Governor, I would sign a bill to extend this opportunity to every child in New Hampshire!”

 “New Hampshire public school students have seen the lowest level of state investment of any state in the country, and Chuck Morse and Kelly Ayotte would only make it worse,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “The education scheme Ayotte and Morse support has already done enough damage to New Hampshire’s public schools to last generations. The last thing New Hampshire students need is for either one of them to continue their attacks on education from the governor’s office.”