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Christine Drazan Says She “Looks Forward to the Day” Abortion is Restricted in Oregon

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Christine Drazan once again reiterated her extreme stance on abortion. In an interview with the Bend Bulletin Drazan said she “looks forward to the day,” when reproductive freedoms in Oregon are rolled back.

Drazan’s dangerous comments threatening Oregonians rights come as reporting from Time Magazine highlights how reproductive rights are at stake in the governor’s race with Christine Drazan’s extreme stance on choice:

Time writes how Drazan “touted her endorsement from Oregon Right to Life during the GOP primary, ran ads on Facebook saying she ‘will be a voice for the sanctity of life,’ and cheered the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.” 

Additionally, “Drazan is endorsed by Oregon Right to Life and has said she would ‘stand up for life by vetoing legislation designed to push Oregon further outside the mainstream.’”

Drazan’s extreme views are out of touch with the majority of Oregonians, so it’s no wonder she scrubbed her website to try to hide them from voters. A recent poll showed 72% of Oregonians believe abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

“Oregonians can’t trust Christine Drazan to protect their reproductive rights,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Republicans are blazing ahead with their agenda to ban abortion nationwide, and they’re looking to Oregon next. Christine Drazan has made it clear she’ll be in lock-step with her party and rip away reproductive freedoms if elected.”