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Christine Drazan Can’t Run from Her Anti-Choice Record & Refusal to Condemn Election Deniers

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With two weeks until Election Day, Christine Drazan continues to gain attention for her extreme anti-choice record and refusal to condemn election deniers. First, as Drazan has tried to hide her plans to ban abortion – even scrubbing her campaign website – her anti-choice allies at Oregon Right to Life recently launched a new webpage calling her “committed” and “proven” when it comes to their shared agenda to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape and incest and enforce it by throwing medical providers in jail.

Drazan also received the official endorsement from one of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion groups. The group, which filed an amicus brief in support of the Texas heartbeat bill and was a part of a $10 million ad campaign to support the Dobbs decision, called Drazan an “unwavering pro-life partner and fierce advocate” in their endorsement.

Second, a new report from The Oregonian today is detailing how Drazan has “refused to criticize” dangerous election deniers and conspiracy theorists, while cozying up to extremists on the campaign trail. In addition to previously known ties to violent extremists, the report reveals that “Drazan is getting a boost from local Republican Party chair Lisa Lamping” who “flew to D.C. to participate in the Jan. 6 protest,” while “Drazan’s campaign invited another Jan. 6 attendee to stand as part of a group onstage” at a recent event.

“Nobody is buying Christine Drazan’s attempts to dodge and distract from her plans to restrict reproductive rights and refusal to condemn election deniers,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “As MAGA conspiracy theorists continue to join her at events and the biggest anti-choice group in Oregon says Drazan is ‘proven’ and ‘committed,’ it’s clear she can’t be trusted to stand up to extremism and protect the rights of Oregonians.”