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Chris Sununu Says Being Governor of NH Isn’t a “Real Job”

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As Gov. Chris Sununu continues to focus on getting national attention for himself, he said “I’m not saying I’m not running again, but you know… I gotta get a real job.”

With a governor who doesn’t think that his job is real, it is crystal clear why the working families of New Hampshire continue to face a long standing housing crisis along with electric bills that are rising at the highest rates in the country. Chris Sununu is more focused on raising his national profile and undermining public education instead of tackling the real issues the people of New Hampshire face every day.

“It may not be the one Chris Sununu wants anymore, but New Hampshire families know being their governor is a very real job,” said DGA Spokesperson Sam Newton. “These insulting comments are just the latest proof that self-serving Chris Sununu cares more about getting national attention for himself instead of fixing the real problems facing working families across the state.