Chris Sununu Puts Gun Lobby Ahead Of The Safety Of Granite State Families

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Today, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a bill establishing background checks and other common sense gun safety measures.
Despite supporting background checks as a candidate for governor in 2016, Chris Sununu made clear his priority isn’t the safety of Granite State children and families.
Sununu hasn’t put forward any plan that would ease the fears Granite Staters have when they enter a place of worship, movie theatre, or a school. Instead, he’s been in lock step with the gun lobby.
Sununu signed concealed carry, allowing gun owners to carry a weapon in a concealed manner without a license from a local police chief. A New Hampshire police chief warned this policy was “dangerous,” Sununu signed it anyways.
Sununu refused to allow the school safety task force to talk about gun safety. He’s boasted of “booming” gun sales after a mass shooting. And he thinks adults should be allowed to carry guns into New Hampshire’s schools.
Gun violence is a national epidemic. Just this past week, there have been shootings in El Paso and Dayton, killing 22 and 9 people, respectively.
Yet Sununu does nothing to protect New Hampshire. Chris Sununu is too scared to cross his gun lobby donors like the NRA—and it’s hurting Granite State families.
“Chris Sununu is putting the gun lobby ahead of the safety of Granite State families,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “With this veto, Sununu shows he’s out-of-touch with the fears parents have every single day when they drop their kids off at school. New Hampshire families need a governor who will take action to prevent gun violence, not a coward like Chris Sununu.”