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Chris Sununu Leaves New Hampshire Behind for His Own National Vanity Tour

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Chris Sununu is saying sayonara to the people of the Granite State to spend his time getting more national attention for himself.

While he floats test balloons and focuses on his own political ambitions, Sununu is ignoring his own state as working families in New Hampshire face a long-standing housing crisis and electric bills that are rising at the highest rate nationwide. Sununu has also pushed a harmful scheme that strips funding away from public schools and even touted his abortion ban on a national right-wing talk show.

“The more time Chris Sununu spends trying to get national attention for himself, it’s clear he doesn’t care about addressing the problems facing working families across New Hampshire,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “The people of the Granite State deserve better from their governor, but unfortunately it looks like Sununu’s national vanity tour is just getting started.”