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Chris Sununu Calls In Gerrymandering King Scott Walker To Defend His Election Rigging

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Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker came to New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s defense for his recent veto of a bill creating an independent nonpartisan redistricting commission in a Concord Monitor op-ed. It’s beyond parody.
Scott Walker applauded Sununu for not listening to “out-of-state interests.” Where did Walker pen this op-ed from? D.C.? Aspen? Wisconsin?
Walker seems a little confused about this so we’ll help him out. After the redistricting commission bill passed the legislature with bipartisan support, Chris Sununu vetoed it. New Hampshire’s state senate districts and executive council districts are notoriously gerrymandered to benefit Republicans.
Chris Sununu also signed into law a poll tax on college students to benefit his political ambitions. In April, Sununu even admitted his voter suppression efforts would swing elections towards Republicans.
Scott Walker has no credibility in this debate but it’s clear Sununu will accept help from anyone.
“Chris Sununu is relying on a complete fraud to provide himself cover,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “By accepting help from a disgraced architect of gerrymandering, Chris Sununu shows he will accept help from anyone so he can rig elections for himself, his campaign donors, and his political party. Scott Walker’s political career didn’t have a happy ending and neither will Chris Sununu’s.”