Chris Sununu AGAIN Calls Paid Family Leave a “Vacation”

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Sununu doubles down on opposition to paid family leave

Today, at a Concord Monitor editorial board meeting, Chris Sununu doubled down and once again called paid family and medical leave time off a “vacation.”
Sununu uniquely thinks the issue he campaigned on in 2016 is a “terrible idea.” Sununu remains opposed to paid family and medical leave despite its widespread bipartisan support and that it’s at the top of Granite Staters’ priorities.
“Chris Sununu consistently demonstrates he is wildly out of the mainstream in New Hampshire,”said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Despite the fact that thousands of working New Hampshire families would be able to breathe a little easier if they could count on paid family and medical leave at times of emergency, Sununu remains tone deaf and ignores their needs. New Hampshire deserves a governor who will represent their values and be in tune with their needs.”