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Chicago Sun-Times: “Bruce Rauner Continues to Refuse to Weigh in on Matters Before Congress with Enormous Bearing on Illinois”

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Illinois Middle-Class Families Facing Tax Increase and Rauner Is Nowhere to Be Found

At a press conference yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner again refused to stand up for Illinois taxpayers’ interests when he refused to weigh in on Republican efforts to change the federal tax code. Rauner was asked to address the debate but he refused to get into the “details” and indicated he was not going to do anything. Recent analysis showed that the Republican tax plan would increase taxes on 850,000 households in Illinois making less than $171,000. 

Rauner’s silence earned a rebuke from the Chicago Sun-Times: 

“Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner continues to refuse to weigh in on matters before Congress with enormous bearing on Illinois. Rauner is up for re-election next year and may face a GOP primary challenge from the right. In a general election, however, he needs moderate GOP and swing Democratic votes. Speaking to reporters in Chicago, Rauner climbed on a rhetorical fence.”

WBBM/CBS went with the headline – “Gov. Rauner Silent On Tax-Cut Plan.” The story continued:

“This isn’t the first time — or topic — where Rauner has sidestepped a hot-button issue. Asked about l     egislation in Springfield to tighten rules for gun shops or his view of an assault weapons ban, Rauner said only that he is in favor of a good bipartisan debate.”

Rauner also continued to ignore Senators Durbin and Duckworth, who wrote Rauner a letter asking him to explain what the tax plan might do to Illinois taxpayers. They said a previous letter from last month had gone unanswered.

“Bruce Rauner has a habit of sitting out the big fights when Illinoisans most need him,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “President Trump and Washington Republicans want to raise middle-class taxes and increase health insurance premiums to fund a tax cut for the rich and Rauner’s doing nothing about it. Voters expect their governor to show leadership, but Rauner has only failed them.”