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Charlotte Observer, News & Observer, & Durham Herald-Sun Endorse Gov. Roy Cooper

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“Cooper Has Been a Strong and Steady Leader Who Has Made Ambitious Proposals for a Better State”

Citing his leadership during the pandemic as well as his commitment to “Medicaid expansion and meaningful pay raises for teachers,” The Charlotte Observer, The News & Observer, and the Durham Herald-Sun strongly endorsed Gov. Roy Cooper’s re-election campaign. The Editorial Board praises Gov. Cooper’s common-sense pandemic-related executive orders noting that his “approach has prevented the infection spikes that have occurred elsewhere.”

For the Governor’s challenger, the Editorial Board did not mince words. Forest, who refused an interview, has “extreme positions [that] reflect the reckless, polarizing and uncaring spirit that has characterized much of the legislative agenda since 2011.”

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Charlotte Observer: Our Choice for Governor of North Carolina


Under historically difficult circumstances, Cooper has been a strong and steady leader who has made ambitious proposals for a better state. Since the coronavirus pandemic reached North Carolina in March, he has shown leadership by imposing and sticking with business and social restrictions that have been tougher than those in most southern states. That approach has prevented the infection spikes that have occurred elsewhere.


He strongly supports two changes that the state urgently needs – Medicaid expansion and meaningful pay raises for teachers. He vetoed the Republican budget bill because it did not provide either. He also used a flurry of vetoes to beat back bills that would have reopened bars, gyms, skating rinks and other businesses that posed a risk while the state’s infection levels were too high.