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Charlie Baker Will Have A Pro-Trump Primary Challenger If He Runs Again

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Baker Was Already Grappling with Anemic Fundraising and Plummeting Approval Ratings 

If Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker decides to run for reelection it’s not going to be smooth sailing, as former state rep. and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Geoff Diehl is announcing a campaign for governor without waiting for Baker to make a decision.

This challenge from Diehl, a Trump-enthusiast who co-chaired his 2016 campaign, guarantees a primary for Baker if he runs.

A columnist with the Boston Herald, wrote“Baker has alienated so many Republicans… he’s made himself vulnerable in a likely small-turnout GOP primary. And with conservative and staunch Trump supporter Jim Lyons running the state GOP, he would likely make life difficult for Baker if he ran as a Republican in 2022. There is even a chance that Baker could lose the state Republican convention nod to Diehl…”

Previously, Baker has already come under fire from the pro-Trump wing of the Massachusetts Republican Party, which per recent reporting“isn’t sure it wants him back for a third term.” GOPers have also threatened Baker with a censure, and Baker is actively feuding with state party chairman Jim Lyons, who recently attempted to undermine Baker’s authority by knocking him off the committee that determines party endorsements. According to Lyons, Baker’s “politically not where the Republican Party is here and nationally.”

A primary challenge from the right wing of his own party is just the beginning when it comes to Charlie Baker’s reelection woes. Baker is also dealing with anemic fundraising and plummeting approval ratings, all of which could mean trouble for his potential reelection.

As he deals with sinking approval ratings and pitiful fundraising numbers, Charlie Baker is getting swept up in the GOP’s civil war over Trumpism,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “Now, he will face a direct challenge for his job from his own party should he choose to run in 2022. Given the challenges mounting against him, there’s no doubt a re-election campaign would be a grueling fight and a change in leadership in Massachusetts is appearing more and more likely.”