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Charlie Baker Vows to Continue RNC Fundraising and Prop Up Roy Moore

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Baker-Backed RNC Funding Alleged Child Molester

Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker announced yesterday that he would continue to fundraise for the Republican National Committee despite their decision to financially support Roy Moore’s candidacy in Alabama.

From the Boston Globe report:

Governor Charlie Baker’s political crew is quick to distance him from Alabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore — but it’s clear he is not distancing himself from the money that is helping the accused sexual predator in the Alabamaspecial election on Tuesday.

Baker’s aides say he is “disappointed” the Republican National Committee decided this week to provide financial support to Moore. But that disappointment doesn’t translate to the Baker-controlled state party’s unique joint fund-raising operation with the RNC.

Roy Moore is accused of having improper sexual relationships with women and girls as young as 14. He has also made headlines for voicing many of his other outlandish views throughout the campaign. Moore said American was last “great” before the Civil War. He also said Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress.

But despite the mountain of evidence, Baker continues to fund his campaign.

“Charlie Baker should be ashamed he’s funding the campaign of an alleged child predator,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “As long as his money keeps flowing to Moore’s campaign, Baker’s words of disappointment ring hollow. Massachusetts deserves a governor who will take a stand against those accused of molesting children, not someone like Baker who funnels money to them.”