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Charlie Baker Eliminated Health Coverage for Thousands of Western Massachusetts Seniors

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Heading into tonight’s debate in Western Massachusetts, Charlie Baker will have to confront the truth about his tenure at Harvard Pilgrim. While making millions of dollars as the CEO, Baker eliminated health insurance coverage for 3,500 seniors in Western Massachusetts. This is the same Charlie Baker who is currently involved in a pay-to-play investigation and who outsourced jobs to India while his own salary tripled.
“While Charlie Baker was making millions at Harvard Pilgrim, he eliminated essential health insurance coverage for thousands of seniors in Western Massachusetts,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh.  “Massachusetts seniors need a governor who will put their interests first—not someone who is only concerned about the bottom line. Martha Coakley understands the challenges facing seniors and will fight to make home and community based services available to every senior.”
Under Baker, Harvard Pilgrim Ended Coverage for Thousands of Seniors. In July 1999, The Boston Globe reported that Harvard Pilgrim “would cease providing coverage to 3,500 members in Western Massachusetts.” [Boston Globe, 7/2/99]
Massachusetts Senior Action Council: “They Are Making a Business Decision With Callous Disregard.” The Patriot-Ledger reported “They are making a business decision with callous disregard for the people whose lives they are charged with taking care of,’” said Geoff Wilkinson, the head of the Massachusetts Senior Action Coalition.” [Patriot-Ledger, 5/8/99]
Seniors Lost Coverage After Harvard Pilgrim Dropped Out of Medicare Program. According to the Patriot-Ledger, “Harvard Pilgrim Health Care said it intends to leave the Medicare market in western Massachusetts at the end of this year… That means about 3,500 seniors in the region who belong to Harvard Pilgrim’s First Seniority plan will have to choose another insurer by Jan. 1.” [Patriot-Ledger, 5/8/99]