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Chaotic VA GOP Convention Still Has No Location, Adds Another Candidate

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In the latest humiliating development for the chaotic race to be Virginia’s Republican nominee for the governor, the Republican Party of Virginia is still struggling to find a location and finalize its deeply controversial nominating process. 

The Republican Party of Virginia recently caught Liberty University by surprise after officially voting to have its nominating convention on Liberty’s campus. Now, the Virginia Scope is reporting that “it looks like the event won’t be able to take place on or around the campus at all,” which means the Virginia Republican Party is likely heading toward another rowdy meeting, as their entire process for electing a nominee is in question.

This newest problem for the Republicans in Virgina comes after frontrunner Amanda “Trump in heels” Chase filed a lawsuit against the party, Glenn Youngkin said the process has been extraordinarily frustrating, and there are threats to run as a third party candidate. Additionally, local Republicans have responded to the convention mess, saying:  “This is an absolute joke,” “The convention is RIGGED,” “This smells fixed,” and “This is all to silence Amanda Chase,” among other criticism. 

Making things even more confusing, former Roanoke Sheriff Octavia Johnson, apparently unimpressed by the other extreme and divisive candidates fighting with each other, decided to hop into the GOP primary too. 

“At this point, the Virginia Republican Party might as well have their chaotic and controversial convention at a landfill,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “With two months to go, the infighting, divisions, and chaos in the Virginia Republican primary are only going to get worse.”